Feeding the World Conference

Feeding The World.
Are GM Crops fit for Purpose? If not, then what?

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
12 November 2008

This conference will examine, searchingly and honestly, the claims and counter claims of one of the most critical issues of our time.
Event details

Download our poster. Full programme to follow soon – please visit again for conference news and updates. Day tickets available at a supported rate of £65 including attendance, lunch, refreshments and conference pack. Venue: The Queen Elizabeth 2nd Conference Centre, Westminster, London SW1. Map here.

Book your place

Contact the Organic Research Centre
Tel: 01488 658279
Email: gm@organicresearchcentre.com

Why this conference is important

Defra Ministers have recently declared their support for the use of GM crops and given opponents a year to come up with proof that they are harmful.

Yet, a major scientific study, the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), has questioned the relevance of GM to food security and has called for a shift to agro-ecological food production.

But will that be enough? Is it possible to feed a growing population on a planet of finite and diminishing resources? This question, together with the claims and counter claims about the potential and limitations of GM cropping, as well as the status of agro-ecological alternatives will be examined by leading researchers and practitioners.

With the support and participation of charitable foundations, academics, researchers, NGOs, farmers and policy makers from the UK and abroad this conference brings a wide and challenging perspective to questions and issues that are too often mired in cliché and propaganda.

This conference is being organised by The Organic Research Centre in association with GM Freeze, Friends of the Earth, The Sheepdrove Trust, The Ecologist, The Uk Food Group and Slow Food UK.

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One Response to “Feeding the World Conference”

  1. Michael Sackin Says:

    1. GM at present is no use for feeding the starving. It only feeds the pockets of the biotech companies. It is dangerous in that it is unpredictable and irreversible

    2. If food production is increased by whatever means, more children will grow up to have children themselves, so that the population explosion will be exacerbated. I don’t wish for people to die of starvation, but this has to be faced.

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