A peek at the programme

UPDATE 13th Oct

Please see our latest programme at the downloads page.

Feeding the World

Are GM crops fit for purpose? If not, then what?
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre London SW1P 3EE
November 12th 2008

PROGRAMME (As at September 30th 2008)

10.00 – Registration and coffee

Session 1

Tackling the GM claims

Chair: Dr Jeremy Cherfas – Bioversity ROME

10.30 Phil Woolas – DEFRA – The UK Government’s case. (Invited)

11.00 GM crops and environmental damage

Martin Doughty NATURAL ENGLAND (Invited)

11.30 GM crop health risk trials revisited

Michael Antoniou Kings College LONDON

12.00 The inevitability of geneflow – environment and health risks.

Prof. Jack A Heinemann University of Auckland NZ

12.30 – 14.00 LUNCH

Session 2

Feeding the World

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hardy Vogtmann

14.00 What is feeding the world and food security anyway. Are these

realistic aims? TBC

14.30 Nutritional diversity and food-based approaches to malnutrition

Dr Jeremy Cherfas Bioversity ROME

15.00 IAASTD critique of industrial agriculture and the relevance of small scale agro-ecology.

Dr Janice Jiggins IAASTD HOLLAND

15.30 Examples of successful agro-ecology

Speaker from NGO Practical Action

16.00 The Slow Food vision

Speaker from Slow Food UK

16.30 Summing up

Prof. Dr. Hardy Vogtmann GERMANY

16.45 Conference ends



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