Prince of Wales and the GM “wrong turning”

The Prince of Wales has once again entered the fray on GM crops. He has attacked the contention that “GM food is now essential to feed the world”, and says that the evidence shows that modified crops’ yields are “generally lower than their conventional counterparts”. He calls them “a wrong turning on the route to feeding the world in a sustainable or durable manner” and “a risky and expensive distraction, diverting attention and resources away from those real, long-term solutions such as crop varieties which respond well to low input systems that, in turn, do not rely on fossil fuels.”

In his most anti-GM speech yet, the Prince delivered – by video – the Sir Albert Howard Memorial Lecture to the Indian pressure group Navdanya (founded by Dr Vandana Shiva) last week. He went to point to growing and substantial evidence “to show that a growing world population can be fed most successfully in the long term by agricultural systems that manage the land within environmental limits”.

The Prince says he has real concerns for farmers and agriculture, saying that “any GM crop will inevitably contaminate neighbouring fields”, making it impossible to maintain the integrity of organic and conventional crops. We are poised for an historic first, with “one man’s system of farming effectively destroying the choice of another man’s.” With his Indian audience in mind he quotes Mahatma Gandhi who condemned “commerce without morality” and “science without humanity”.

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