Final programme update

The final version of the programme is now available.
Please visit our Downloads page to get a copy.

Feeding the World
Are GM Crops fit for Purpose? If not, then what?
12th November 2008
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London

Summary of the programme

The conference has two main sessions, the first on tackling the GM claims kicks off with a paper on – Why GM technology is not going to deliver from Dr Michael Antoniou of Kings College London.

This is followed by a look at GM crops and their biodiversity/environment effects in a paper from Dr Brian Johnson – a consultant recently retired from Natural England.

Taking the arguments further afield we shall hear why the GM route won’t feed a hungry Africa in a presentation from Eric Kisiangani of the NGO Practical Action, Nairobi, Kenya.

The morning finishes with a discussion on the inevitability of geneflow – environment and health risks from Prof. Jack A Heinemann of the University of Christchurch in New Zealand.

In the afternoon the focus shifts to a debate on feeding the world. We kick off with a paper on what is feeding the world and food security anyway. Are these realistic aims? This is to be delivered by Dr Charlie Clutterbuck of City University, London.

Moving on we will look at nutritional diversity and food-based approaches to malnutrition in a paper from Dr Jeremy Cherfas of Bioversity in Rome.

This is followed by a critique of industrial agriculture and a look at the relevance of small-scale agro-ecology with Dr Janice Jiggins of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Building on this theme we study examples of successful agro-ecology with Dr Julia Wright of Garden Organic (HDRA).

Our final speaker is Paulo Di Croce of Slow Food International in Italy talking about the Slow Food vision.

How to book
Only £65 per person, including lunch
Booking hotline – 01488 658279

Email –

Richard Sanders
Speakers’ abstracts coming soon…


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