A successful start to picking up the “Woolas Challenge”



The QE2 Conference Centre in Westminster (November 12th 2008) saw over 130 delegates and speakers in hot debate about the failure of GM crop technology to deliver anything on the promises of twenty years ago. In stark contrast speaker after speaker pointed to agro-ecological approaches (including organic agriculture) as extremely attractive sustainable farming and food options, especially in a world fast running out of oil.

Dr_Lawrence_Woodward_ftwconference_200“We have made a good start in picking up the Woolas Challenge, set down by the previous GM Minister at Defra, Phil Woolas, who last month told anti-GM campaigners that the UK Government considers they have just twelve months to put up or shut up about their safety, environment, food supply and social concerns,” says Lawrence Woodward, director of the Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm, one of the event organisers.

“We are particularly grateful to speakers from Kenya, New Zealand, Holland and Italy who have taken time out of their own pressured schedules to deliver some excellent science arguments in a measured and convincing way. With this conference we have raised the quality of debate on why GM will not feed a hungry world and at the same time we have displayed real detail on positive, alternative approaches.”

Full details of papers with some audio presentations and papers and speaker presentations will be available soon.

This conference was supported by the The Sheepdrove Trust, GM Freeze, Friends of the Earth, Practical Action, The Ecologist and Slow Food UK.


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  1. GM Food Fight breaks out in media « the natureheads blog Says:

    […] and the answer was decisive – the British rejected GM (several other European countries did too). But the Woolas Challenge is the result of indifference to the public opinion and, in my view, a determination to cradle GM […]

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