Complaints to BBC on GM Food Fight

Alleged bias in last week’s Horizon on BBC2 – Jimmy’s GM Food Fight – has led to letters of complaint from GMFreeze and others.

On the programme – presented by celebrity farmer Jimmy Doherty – GM crops were described as being good for the environment, indeed better for the environment, than conventional crops. GM crops were also described as having better potential for being able to fulfill the food needs of the world.

GMFreeze, partners of the Feeding the World Conference, stated that the BBC Trust and the Horizon team ignored pre-broadcast advice from GMFreeze that a GM banana project (described in June 2008 as a failed project) should not have been promoted by the BBC programme as a success for food security.

Peter Kindersley, a key supporter of the Feeding the World Conference, has also lodged a letter of complaint to the BBC. Criticism of how the Horizon programme presented the case for GM Crops was in contrast to warm reviews from TV critics, while very few science correspondents seem to have written about it.


Jonathan Matthews – an editor at GMWatch – reviewed the Horizon programme for The Ecologist online. His list of criticisms include the absence of discussion about powerful agribusiness players such as Monsanto, and points out that Jimmy Doherty did not mention the IAASTD report – which this year reviewed agricultural knowledge and technology.

Our conference heard about the conclusions of the IAASTD report from Janice Jiggins, whose presentation is featured here on the Feeding the World Conference blog.


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One Response to “Complaints to BBC on GM Food Fight”

  1. Wooly Says:

    Good one Jimmy, You focused on the benefits of GMO’s and not so much on the negative. For instance, I never heard the word monsanto mentioned in the episode. Nor did I hear about the thousands upon thousands of Indian farmers that have committed suicide over the introduction of GM food in India. Nor did I hear about roundup introduced to soy bean. Thats right we are expected to eat roundup. Nor did we hear about monsanto passing H875 bill through the senate in the states to make GMO foods law and NOT natural organic heritage seeds. Nor did I hear about GMO pollen infecting neighboring properties foods, which then become the property of monsanto and the like. Nor did I hear that organic food will become illegal and that food will be owned by companies. How about you do another documentary, but this time cover the whole argument. I’d love to know how much you were paid to report half a story?

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