Greening the Desert (video)

The first session of the Feeding the World Conference was themed ‘Tackling the GM claims‘ and the second session theme was ‘Feeding the World‘.

During the second half, Dr Julia Wright (Garden Organic) gave a presentation on examples of success with agro-ecological approaches in dealing with drought. She showed us a video entitled “Greening the Desert”, documenting¬† a project which sucessfully managed to establish lush food production in an intensely arid situation.

To the conference, this is particularly relevant to the challenge of feeding the world. This is evidence that there is massive potential in the application of agro-ecological methods to increase productivity in difficult, arid land areas. What is striking about this scheme is its rapid success.

Geoff Lawton, the narrator, is a well-known figure in permaculture in Australia and now works with Garden Organic on their project in Cuba.


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One Response to “Greening the Desert (video)”

  1. Hans van den Broek Says:

    Velp 18 december 2008,

    Dear Friends,
    Yes this is an very good documentation!
    As an Dutch Beekeeper in the Netherlands-Europe I see dayly the damage in our Environment made by Human people, Chemical, Pharmacie, Chemical- and Seed Firms we people must STOP them.
    I hope for GMO-FREE and POISON-FREE but also Phthalates and Bisfenol-A FREE WORLD…………But I see in the near future an dy out by the insects our pollinators Worldwide………..We must think for the next 500 – 1.000 years think about the groundwater and our drinkwater we find now Worldwide Glyphosate-and their metaboliet AMPA in our groundwater also in the Netherlands-Waterland in Europe.

    STOP the GMO, also to much oestrogenic phthalates et al in our Environment it bring human people cancer end more illness.

    Yours sincerely,
    Hans van den Broek
    Stalen Enk 16
    6881 BR Velp

    Dutch Beekeeper they let all what the Bees take up for their Beecolonies, because to much filthiness in the pollen, honey, propolis.

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