Mystery GM contamination in rapeseed crop

SOURCE: Daily Mail
GM contamination discovered in Somerset trial crops

GM genes were found to have contaminated a harvest of oilseed rape in Somerset, linked with an  crop being grown by Monsanto on a seed production site. Defra identified the error and are investigating.

Critics say the GM alert provides further evidence of the lack of proper controls surrounding the growing of GM crops.

The variety involved is known as GT73, which is authorised to be sold as human and animal feed in the EU but not to be grown in the UK. The GM trait in the oilseed rape is designed to protect the plant against heavy spraying with weedkillers developed by Monsanto, the American biotechnology giant. If this trait is transferred to related wild plants it could pass on this same chemical resistance, creating so-called superweeds.

Friends of the Earth said the contamination was only the latest of a number of incidents involving the planting of crops and sale of food containing illegal GM DNA.

Its senior food campaigner, Clare Oxborrow, said: ‘It’s extremely worrying that once again contaminated and potentially unsafe GM seeds have been grown illegally in the UK.


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