UK investigates how to feed the world

The Independent (18 Mar, p.4)

The Government have commissioned a new study to be led by Professor John Beddington, the Government’s Chief Scientific Officer, and carried out by the Foresight Institute, a science and technology think-tank that looks into long-term issues for the Government.

The group’s remit – how to feed a world population which could rise to nine billion by 2050 – makes no mention of the GM issue. But Jane Kennedy, the minister for Farming and the Environment, has said that the group’s work would include the potential for GM crops and food. Clare Oxborrow, the senior food campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “[The Government] is obsessed with GM as a techno-fix solution to problems in food and farming which are much more complex.”

Soil Association comment:

“Proponents of GM technology have been claiming to be on the brink of developing a range of benefits for years, but these have not delivered. The claims of increased yields have been widely discredited. Concerns about growing and eating GM food are justified by both experience and scientific research. Once these GM crops are released into the environment, they will spread, and transfer GM traits to related native plants. Once released, they can never be recalled. This is a poorly understood, inherently uncertain and potentially very dangerous technology.” Soil Association website – GM page 

Presentations about GM and Feeding the World


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