GM food opposition ‘degenerately immoral’

Golden Rice board dubs GM-free campaigners ‘cranks’
>Society Guardian (25 Mar, p.9)

The latest spat between pro- and anti-GM camps is getting nasty. It revolves around Golden Rice, the GM crop that was bio-fortified to produce vitamin A and was ­intended to be rolled out to the world’s poor many years ago, but hasn’t got very far.

A few weeks ago, when it was found that it was being fed to Chinese children without being licensed, Brian John, of GM-Free Cymru, fired off a letter to the Golden Rice board.

An immediate reply from top man Adrian Dubock, former UK government GM cheerleader and latterly a Syngenta man, started mildly enough with “[You are] a failed bunch of cranks”.
Then he went on: “You, and your kind, really are degenerately immoral.” Tsk, tsk.


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