GM food safety

It is quite extraordinary how the complacency within the regulatory / advisory committees in the UK about the safety of GM crops and foods has been transformed into something more akin to a state of denial. First we had the nonsense about “effects which are statistically significant not necessarily being biologically significant”; and now we have the so-called experts looking at a group of papers which all show cell damage / changes to vital organs and saying this:

ACNFP: ” ……….. although some differences were reported between laboratory animals given diets that contained a genetically modified (GM) crop variety and those given a non-GM variety, no conclusions can be drawn from these reports about the safety of GM crops.”

We await with interest the minutes of the latest ACNFP meeting.

In the meantime, one wonders what laboratory animals are expected to do in order to demonstrate that they have been harmed by GM food? Maybe it would help if they were to change colour, shrink to half their previous size, and run around their cages shouting “I hate GM chow!” prior to going into convulsions and dying violently in front of the TV cameras?


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