Feeding our schoolchildren

Healthy school dinners for the chop?

 Five years after the outcry over Turkey Twizzlers, Rebecca Smithers reports on how far we have come with school meals and the worry that progress might stall if budgets for ingredients are cut.

The Guardian (Education, 15 Dec, frontpage)
Food for Life Partnership
Joanna Lewis, head of policy for the Food for Life Partnership is quoted: “We simply cannot afford to put the brakes on the progress being made in the way we feed our children in schools and the way we educate them to feed themselves in future life. ”

Joanna says policymakers should consider the potential savings to the £6bn annual NHS bill for diet-related diseases, rather than the pennies they can shave off the average 63p spend on ingredients for a school meal.

Hugh at Sheepdrove

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall came to Sheepdrove recently to present the Food For Life Partnership 2009 Awards to outstanding schools. Hugh said, “It’s impossible to exaggerate how important it is to feed our kids well when they’re at school. Their physical, mental and even emotional development depends on us getting it exactly right.”

Read what Hugh had to say to the government, and watch the video!


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