Hilary Benn didn’t mention GM

A Soil Association press release

GM – a failing technology with no future

Responding to Professor John Beddington’s speech to the Oxford Farming Conference, Emma Hockridge, policy manager of the Soil Association, said:

“GM is not going to feed a growing world population sustainably, now or in the future. We need far-reaching changes to our food and farming systems, rather than GM technology, which, despite millions in public and private research expenditure, has consistently failed to deliver food security.

“Climate change and diminishing resources, like oil and phosphates, are impacting negatively on farming, and demand scientific expertise and excellence to tackle them. Research into Marker Assisted Selection (MAS), which is now leading the way in new crop developments, is enormously important and should be supported.

“We also need to highlight the contribution that agro-ecological and organic farming, with its lower-oil and chemical inputs, can make – as well as encouraging citizens to adopt sustainable diets that change with the seasons and to support local production – these actions will provide greater resilience for our food supplies than outmoded techno-fixes.

“It is striking that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural affairs Hilary Benn didn’t mention GM in his speech to the Oxford Farming Conference yesterday – this is the most half hearted and feeble endorsement of GM since the technology arrived twenty years ago.”

Clio Turton
Press office manager
0117 914 2448 / 07795 562 556
Soil Association, South Plaza, Marlborough Street, Bristol BS1 3NX


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One Response to “Hilary Benn didn’t mention GM”

  1. Avinash Chandra Pandey Says:

    As a young plant breeder from India, I am 100% disagree with the statement of Emma Hockridge, policy manager of the Soil Association.

    First Green Revolution was happen by correction of Genetic constitution and changes in Harvest Index up to 40-45%.

    Now, Second Green Revolution can be only happen with the help of GM Technology as we have exploit about whole of genetic diversity for yield and stress breeding. So new genetic variability can be only possible by GM technology.

    At present, GM Technology is in its emerging stage in Public as well as private Research & Development work while in embryonic stage for field crop cultivation.

    Like Nuclear Energy it can be efficiently use in human welfare if we take precaution for its side effect on ecosystem.

    We have enormous hope with GM technology.


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