Guardian misprints GM opinion


“Britain must launch GM food revolution, says chief scientist” was the headline of an article in The Guardian (6 January 2010). The article, written by John Vidal and Felicity Lawrence and based on a paper “seen by the Guardian”, reported that the government’s chief scientist Prof. John Beddington “will warn today” at an Oxford farming conference that Britain “must embrace” both GM crops and nanotechnology “to avoid catastrophic food shortages and future climate change.”  [LINK]

However, on 9 January, The Guardian published a letter from Prof. Beddington stating categorically: “Your article misrepresents my position and my paper …. The paper makes no mention of GM and I have not said that Britain must launch a GM food revolution.” It went on to say: “GM technology is not something that should be simply accepted or rejected”, the question is what problems in agricultural production it can solve.”   [LINK]

Read the rest of this article here


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