Dr Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas chaired Session 1 and presented in Session 2

Presentations (PDF format)

SESSION ONE: Tackling the GM claims

Dr Michael Antoniou: The GM Transformation Process as Applied to Crops

Dr Brian Johnson: GM Crops and Biodiversity – is this solely a GM issue?

Eric Kisiangani: Why the GM route won’t feed a hungry Africa

Prof Jack Heinemann: Transgene flow (no PDF available)

SESSION TWO: Feeding the World

Dr Jeremy Cherfas: Nutritional Diversity and Food-based Approaches to Malnutrition

Prof Janice Jiggins: Systemic Risk in Food and Farming

Dr Charlie Clutterbuck: What is Feeding the World and Food Security anyway?

Dr Julia Wright: Success with Agro-Ecology; the Case of Drought Resistance

Sound recordings

These link to MP3 files, which may take a while to download.

Dr Antoniou

Dr Brian Johnson

Kath Pasteur presents the paper by Eric Kisiangani

Dr Jeremy Cherfas

Prof Janice Jiggins

Dr Charlie Clutterbuck

Dr Julia Wright

Plenary – panel session 1

Plenary – panel session 2 and close

Hartmut Vogtmann chaired the afternoon session

Hartmut Vogtmann chaired Session 2 and closed the conference


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